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Bruce W. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of New Mexico

Dr. Smith teaches and does research in Health Psychology and Positive Psychology.  Health Psychology examines the relationships between the mind and the body and how behavior and stress are related to health.  Positive Psychology examines how psychology and science can enable people to become their best selves and live lives of meaning and fulfillment.  He has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed psychology and science journals and has trained at the National Institutes of Health in functioning neuroimaging.


“Hallie gave me an excellent introduction to Integrative Restoration (iRest®) and the CDs she created enable you to continue to learn and grow in the practice.  iRest was developed by Dr. Richard Miller who is a psychologist.  It is based on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra but has been adapted for the 21st century and has been studied by modern science. The form of iRest that Hallie taught me combines some of the best ways of following the breath, scanning the body, creative visualization, and focusing on what is most meaningful and important to you.  She has broad training in a variety of meditative and yoga techniques and used them in a unique way to get me ready for the practice.  Simply put, the iRest practice that she taught me is the most effective way that I have seen to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation that provides rest and rejuvenation and at the same time puts you in an alert and focused state.  I have used it during the day to prepare me for challenging and important tasks and in the evening for relaxing and improving my sleep even after some very stressful days. Additionally, I have personally done several research projects with college students focusing on stress. The research reveals that students generally have high levels of stress from trying to balance school with other responsibilities such as working and raising a family.  It is my professional opinion that iRest would help them experience considerably less stress and anxiety throughout their days, enable them to sleep better (even with their demanding and often changing schedules), and could make a positive difference in students’ college careers by improving attention and memory.  In fact, I plan to educate my students about iRest in the Health Psychology and Positive Psychology classes I teach. I highly recommend learning iRest from Hallie Love.  It is a practice that can pay dividends throughout the rest of your life.”

Sue Kimm, MD and Seymour G., MD

Dr. Sue Kimm received her MD and Masters in Public Health from Yale Medical School. She has over 40 years experience in research and teaching including work at Duke University Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of new Mexico Medical Center. 

"Before Pilates for Yoga I didn't want to move because everything would creak, crack and hurt. Now I move from my core and it's easy to move my body. Because I move I have more energy now and I feel happier and peppier. Pilates for Yoga has made a big difference in my daily life."P1010125 

Dr. Seymour G., MD, MPH, SM, Dr.Ph, holds a degree in public health from Harvard Medical School, has over 40 years experience in research and teaching and currently works with the National Institutes of Health on various research projects.

"I'm getting stronger and more limber with Pilates for Yoga. It's so much easier to get out of my chair now that I use my core. I think of the core when I get out of bed, and I walk better because of the core awareness I've gained."

Mary Ann Lewis, Retired

mary_annI’m a woman well into the other half of her century. I spent many years hunched over a desk and computer as an engineer and educator while squeezing in running (later walking)/ hiking/skiing whenever possible.  My husband and I also did a great deal of construction work for about ten years together and found I was able to do less and less over the last 20 years with increasingly debilitating back pain.

Four years ago I had a spinal fusion with complications that led to a second corrective surgery 2 years later. The last four years were extremely painful and I was firmly deciding to: never walk into a surgeon’s office again and do everything I could to get out of pain including walking, hiking and rounds of my physical therapy exercises. My neighbor, an MD, called me “the poster child for rehab.” But I still was in pain. Was I going to end up a hunched-up ol’ gal—even before I was an ol’ gal? Did I just have to accept I could not sit or stand without pain, just walk around to stay sort of comfortable, get up during the night to walk around and do a few exercises to bring the pain level down a bit?

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Lois Daigneault, Elite Athlete, Olympic Coach

lois-150x150A two-time member of the Canadian National Swim Team and an Olympic Trial qualifier, Lois also excelled in swimming at the University of Miami, Florida winning 13 All American awards. Her twenty-three year professional experience includes coaching at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia as the Head Coach of the Macedonian Olympic Swimming Team; Head Coach of the Chateauguay Aquatic Club, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Head Coach and owner of Peak Performance Swim Camp in Orlando, Florida; and currently owner of DNA Performance Group in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Thanks to Hallie, no more hip pain!” Santa Fe, NM

David Goyer, Hollywood Screenwriter

david_goyerDavid Goyer, Hollywood Screenwriter (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and many other Hollywood blockbusters), Director and Producer

After his Pilates for Yoga® therapy session, “I feel great!” Tesuque, NM

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