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Jane Rosemont, Artist and Photographer

jane_rosemont_pic"To be guided into such a relaxed and open state was easier than I anticipated, and the experience was akin to a mini vacation. The immediate feeling was that I had achieved more rest than some full nights of sleep. But even better, that feeling didn't end with the session. I found myself singing cheery songs to myself all day and feeling even more hopeful and productive than normal. During iRest I saw a warm, loving, inspiring light that I invited to fill my body. The sensation was so real, and I love that at any given time now I can be fully aware of that light. Sometimes I return to awareness of that light because I want to feel calm in a stressful situation, other times it is because I need a creative boost. As an artist, I see this experience as awakening even more curiosity - "What if....any time I felt less-than-inspired I could call upon this light and let it guide me to creative expressions that I never dared approach?" As a person, this experience can help me in endless ways; when I'm frustrated in traffic, the light can soothe me. When a friend is in need, the light can calm me and encourage the right words. When I'm overwhelmed with multitasking, the light can remind me that everything gets done in due time. " Santa Fe, NM

Wanda Wilkinson, Attorney

iRest® experience: "Whenever there were difficult circumstances in my life, my way of dealing with them was to force forward with every fiber, get a grip on everything around me and seize control. My mind was always full of 100 ways I was going to solve all my problems and everyone else's if they'd only do what I told them to do. By living this way I was making myself sick with stress. I found the iRest training to be of immense value for myself and everyone around me. I felt much calmer and 200% physically better. No more migraines. I am now able to listen patiently to others instead of telling them what to do and trying to "fix" everything. I feel more positive, less burdened, and the hard things in my life go a whole lot easier. I sleep better too." 

Pilates for Yoga® experience: “I was active and athletic until I broke my thigh bone in a skiing accident. After surgery (a metal rod and screws) and physical therapy and 8 months, I could only hobble, bent over, instead of walk, and often had to use a cane. Through all those months my leg throbbed and I had to constantly take pain medications to get through the days.  I did not sleep well at night, and I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything before noon the next day because I was too stiff to move. I began to lose hope that I would ever be mobile again. Then I began personal mind-body training with Hallie. After one hour of yoga therapy the throbbing leg pain and the stiffness in my hips diminished considerably. I continued to feel much better with each hour of training. By the fourth hour of Pilates for Yoga, I was walking upright! I was also sleeping better. After only a handful of weeks I have graduated from rehabilitation and am now doing Pilates for Yoga fitness core training." Santa Fe, NM

Deborah Blackburn, Esthetician

"I have been striving to do something I love to do for 46 years. My objective has been harmony. Prior to iRest® I was getting 20% of “self love harmonious time” - a pretty good percentage for an American. However, within 6 weeks of my first iRest® session the percentage of my harmonious time increased to 99%. I now realize it is always possible at any moment, and any day of the week or year, and anywhere I find myself, to experience calm and harmony. 

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Ron Wright, Resort Developer

Unknown"I live a high stress life. Non-stop business and travel over many time zones. The layers of stress had me so armored, hostile, frenetic, distracted and agitated I was looking at the world through dirty glasses or film or a window where life is filtered, where you are not getting the vibrant colors or feelings of life because you've got all this armor. After my iRest sessions I felt the world come alive visually and viscerally, like I was hitting on all 8 cylinders. Layers of stress and armor had lifted. My senses were greatly enhanced, my heart felt softer I had more empathy and tolerance and a new level of contentment that was self-soothing and internally fulfilling." Kauai Hawaii

Gary Lewis, PSIA Ski Instructor

Gary"I am a 64 year old metallurgical engineer and a Certified Level 3 Ski Instructor and 33 year member of PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America).  The combination of training in engineering and ski instruction combined with experience in teaching people to ski has given me an appreciation for how the body must work to perform a sport efficiently.

Good ski technique must be performed from a stable core to develop optimal power, balance and refined performance. Hallie stresses alignment to actuate the core properly. Lights were turning on for me from the first class -- how to relax my facial, shoulder, and pelvic muscles, and how to align my joints to perform movements using the core.

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