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Steven Dank, Dentist

39429887V"I've studied and practiced Buddhist meditation, yoga, visualization techniques and self hypnosis for 26 years. During my first one-hour iRest session I was able to achieve a deeper meditative state than I have ever reached before. It was a profound sense of peace and stillness, and the session felt like it was 5 minutes long or could have been a timeless eternity. The experience that was the most amazing to me was the feeling of total dissolution of my physical body so that I literally became one with everything. I was deeply moved and connected. The depth of Hallie's teaching, knowledge, patience, loving guidance, intuitiveness and connection is astounding. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to move more quickly and deeply into the world of mindfulness and meditation to work with Hallie." Corrales, N.M.

Catherine Monserrat, Ph.D, LPCC


Final_5x7_TIF“As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and educator, I have witnessed the need for balance in our lives.  Pilates for Yoga® is an excellent avenue toward this end, addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  The mind-body-connected core movement provides a safe, sound foundation for all movement activities, and it’s a terrific exercise form in and of itself.  The mind-body practices have a calming effect, helping to alleviate stress and support increased confidence, centeredness, and inner balance.  Pilates for Yoga® is a healthful choice for a fit body and a fit mind.” Santa Fe, NM

Amy Richards, National Speaker

Richards_Amy_1_c_Victoria_CohenAs a cofounder of the Third Wave Foundation and the coauthor ofManifesta(FSG, 2000) and Grassroots (FSG, 2005), Amy Richards is one of the foremost leaders of the Third Wave feminist movement. Her writing and her organizing have made an indelible impact on the lives of young women. She is also the cofounder of the feminist speakers bureau Soapbox and the voice behind "Ask Amy," the online advice column she launched at 

“Hallie Love helped me stretch my tight muscles and heal the parts of my body that were aching. As a yoga therapist she has a gift for personalizing one’s practice and empowering her students with tips and tools so they can make yoga a daily rather than an hourly habit.” NYC, NY

Martha Kennedy, World Champion

Former World Champion Mountain Bike Racer, 1st place winner Alaska Iditabike. Currently, a fine artist.
MJKennedy_2007"My back went out. I had severe neck pain, back pain, sciatica. No therapies worked until Pilates for Yoga®. It has taught me tools to stay pain-free for the rest of my life." Santa Fe, NM

David Edwards, World Champion

Former World Champion Telemark Ski and mountain Bike Racer endorsed by Powerbar and Nike. Currently an International Computer Technology Professional.
David_Edwards"I had knee surgery for a skiing accident. I tried numerous rehab programs for years including yoga. Only through Pilates for Yoga® was I able to resume high level athletic activity." 
Santa Fe, NM
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