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Patty Bonito, mother

“ After a couple of private lessons with Hallie I was amazed I was able to enjoy my favorite activities - mountain biking and hiking - with no pain!  Even after pedaling the mountain bike - a repetitive-motion activity that usually cripples me with knee pain for days after - I was feeling great. Pain free mountain biking and hiking! Imagine - I could not have done that without Pilates for Yoga®!" Durham, North Carolina

Ann Grassfield, retired

“I grew up being told by family members and dressmakers that one of my hips was higher than the other. Several years ago I was in chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, was diagnosed by a chiropractor as having scoliosis and was fitted with a lift for my left shoe. I continued to see the chiropractor, a physical therapist, and a massage therapist but never had any lasting relief. When I tried yoga in a large group class I injured myself. Then I found Hallie and began her restorative and reformer classes. In five short months of Pilates for Yoga I was free of back pain, and had greater flexibility in my entire body. I have 75% improved range of motion in my neck and my legs are of even length with no lift in my shoe. My posture is improved and my core muscles are strong. I sleep better and my clothes fit better. I am very thankful to Hallie for her personal interest in my health and for her encouragement to me as a very late bloomer in the physical fitness arena!” Santa Fe, NM

Vicky Speer, Singer and Performer

Soulstice dance band lead singer and business manager

vickysinging“Hallie’s Pilates for Yoga and Meditation classes were instrumental in my healing process. I gained so much from them in dealing with stress and physical pain. Many chronic pain problems with my back and sacrum were fixed by Hallie’s instruction and her keen eye for what was going on with me. I have been able to integrate what I learned into my daily life. Hallie is a super teacher.” Santa Fe, NM

Chris Speer, Musician and Artist

chrislaughing1“When I met Hallie I was in chronic pain  due to a climbing accident where I broke my back when I was 17. Even falling asleep was difficult and I would often wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning. Every time I had tried to exercise I would trigger a back spasm that would incapacitate me. Through the years I tried chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture, which helped with acute incidences, but did nothing to cure the root problem. I started working with Hallie in supported restorative yoga postures. After 3 weeks my chronic back pain ceased. I felt myself getting stronger and more limber and started working with Hallie on the Pilates reformer machine.  The precision and variety of the movements combined with the inner mindfulness was enjoyable and energizing. My back felt stable. My abdominal core muscles felt solid. The chronic pain never returned. Aside from the delight of my body feeling great, there was an unexpected benefit - while doing Pilates and yoga in Hallie’s classes, I experienced an awareness of my internal energetic body which led to a spiritual awakening - it was as if the poses and movements and my focus on them acted as a portal for me. This experience has been every bit as profound as the physical benefits. I have become strong enough to take up running and weight training. I would say to anyone who wishes to feel better, stronger, more flexible more able to perform whatever kind of physical task you have in mind, Pilates for Yoga will get you there. Hallie is an astute teacher, used to working with people who have physical limitations.” Santa Fe, NM

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