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Laurene Hayden, Yoga Therapist

laurene“When I met Hallie at an intensive yoga therapy training program, my painful jaw joint continuously popped (TMJ disorder) , and I had lived for 15 years with shoulder, neck and S-I (sacrum) joint pain. Hallie surveyed my overall stance and alignment, and I gratefully agreed to become her “patient.”  She began directing me in subtle yet specific ways of structural realignment and muscular shifts. She could see what I could not see for myself. This process felt good, first of all because of Hallie’s ability to make me feel like the most important person in the world to her at that moment, and also because it caused a deep feeling of relaxation and freedom through my whole being. Hallie worked with me over 5 days using guided relaxation and meditation, strengthening and realigning yoga asana, lifestyle modifications such as uncrossing legs and aligning hamstrings while seated, and releasing techniques centered around my jaw and head. Within 2 days the TMJ pain was gone, and I had almost full range of motion. By the 4th day I could open my mouth completely wide. I have continued her Yoga therapy prescription which includes stabilization postures for my pelvis, and stretching postures for the tight side of my back. Within 5 days my neck was pain-free and my S-I joints much improved. Hallie’s personal experience with TMJ along with her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Yoga Therapist uniquely qualifies her to bring relief and health to anyone with a TMJ disorder.” Scottsdale, Arizona

Anya Brodsky-Smith, Sales Rep

“Pilates for Yoga has taught me the importance of moving from core, and how that positively impacts all areas of my body. I have had lower back problems for 12 years, but by practicing Pilates for Yoga® I have gained strength and body awareness so I can now enjoy the following sports again - running, rock-climbing. skiing, hiking and bicycling.” Santa Fe, NM

Yvonne Becerra, Mediator

“I’ve taken Pilates classes for years from four different instructors and Hallie is by far the best. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, informative and meticulous about teaching correct alignment during classes.  When I started Pilates for Yoga®, I had pain in my knee from an accident. I had tried physical therapy, swimming, massage, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. Though I had made some progress with all these approaches, it was Hallie who helped me fully recover, and I now have full range of motion in my knee.” Austin, Texas

Raj Inder Khalsa, FNP-C, Certified Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

“ Since coming to Pilates for Yoga® I have greatly improved my knee, and have learned how to untwist my pelvis which had been a source of much pain and injuries throughout my life. Seated meditation, once a source of discomfort and pain afterwards is now comfortable. I am now able to ski and hike again without pain. I highly recommend  this training to anyone who has suffered from athletic injuries.” Espanola, NM


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