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Cori Stengel, Investment Advisor

cori“When I first walked into Hallie’s studio I had been in constant pain in my back and shoulders for over ten years. Even after the first one hour session the pain diminished and I felt myself unwinding from years of pain. As I progressed with several sessions I learned to keep myself pain-free!” Santa Fe, NM


Liz Trupin-Pulli, literary agent

“As a young girl I had scoliosis, but it was never diagnosed and went undetected until I was in my 30s.  That's when serious back pain began in the form of spasms that would last as long as two weeks. Since I have been taking Hallie’s classes, I have stopped having those pains.  The re-alignment of my body and the physical strength, the breathing techniques and yoga mental awareness I now have is  the reason I am able to stay pain free.  Not only do I feel in good physical shape, including lowering my blood pressure through the mind-body practices, but mentally, I know I am better able to deal with the ups and downs of life, such as my husband’s life-threatening medical diagnosis, thanks to Hallie’s pilates and yoga classes.”

Liz Trupin-Pulli, literary agent, Santa Fe, age 64.

Cheryl Matthews, Interior Designer and Artist

cheryl”I came to Hallie with issues of poor posture and back pain. With core strengthening and alignment I am now pain-free and strong and can keep lifting furniture for my clients. Hallie knows the bodies of her students, and helps each of us attain optimum health. The harmony and balance I find in Pilates for Yoga® classes benefits every aspect of my life.” Santa Fe, NM

Peter Murphy, Retirement and Estate Planning Advisor

“I am a former Navy Captain, and with PilatesforYoga I turned from a Tin Man who couldn’t bend into a flexible Gumby practically overnight. PilatesforYoga is for real men. It’s the best core workout I ever had.”

Peter Murphy, Retirement and Estate Planning Advisor, Santa Fe.

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