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Betsy Pierce, architect

“For over 2 years I had low back twinges and spasms when I tried to stretch, as well as tight shoulders and pain in my jaw and hips. After sitting I had to un-kink and limp before I could walk. After training in Pilates for Yoga, I’m able to move freely. I use my core and know how to stretch properly and relieve tightness in my hips and shoulders. I feel more energetic and radiant.”

Betsy Pierce, architect, mid-fifties, Santa Fe.

George Mandel, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

"I have been fortunate to have spent quite a bit of time working with Hallie Love’s Pilates for Yoga®, and have achieved a great deal of improvement in my quality of life. She has developed a therapeutically  unique system to achieve her goals of body optimization. Using her skills as a Pilates specialist and a certified yoga therapist, Hallie calls attention to the core, supporting the lower abdominals, hips, knees and ankles, as well as the upper body, neck, shoulders and arms.  Her comprehension of body movement and alignment is unsurpassed." Santa Fe, NMgeorge

Eben Cahan, Race Car Driver

"I found myself in a mid-life crisis, with stress accelerating everything. I was "angry guy,"running on empty with no tools. When my young son told me he wanted to be a yelling daddy just like me, I realized I needed balance. In a one-hour session of iRest, I found a new path allowing me to be strong, kind and flexible. It's profound. I have a new sense of being calm, patient and peaceful, and I'm looking in the direction I want to go now." Santa Fe, NM

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