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Ted Fish, ED.D., M.B.A.

TedTed serves as Gardner Carney Leadership Institute founder and executive director; a teacher of English, History and Math; and an educational consultant who has worked with independent schools, public school districts, and non-profit organizations internationally. He specializes in teacher leadership, literacy, and organizational change, and oversees philanthropic projects in education and medicine in India and Thailand.

"Hallie has an extraordinary capacity to unwind, rebalance and revitalize me. She taught me the pain I've experienced for decades is a pattern that I now know how to miraculously release. Though I've worked with extraordinary healers from all over the world, I have never experienced anything as powerful and all encompassing as what Hallie has taught my body and nervous system." Santa Fe, NM


Nura Loeks, International Educator


Nura lends her 40 years experience in leadership training, community development and holistic health. Nura currently travels all over the world, helping the underserved and conducting leadership trainings and healing retreats. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Calcutta, India.

"Hallie is a biomechanical genius. Through her teaching my body found its center of movement." 

Melinda Elwell, Operations Manager

MelindaPilates for Yoga®experience: "I can honestly say that I have never experienced so much relief after just one session than I have with any of the other dozens of modalities and practitioners I have been to. Using the Pilates machine and with Hallie to guide me, I was able to get into positions that brought so much alignment and deep feel-good stretching the only word is bliss. This technique that Hallie is teaching is revolutionary in that it is incredibly effective and the way she teaches is very safe. I can feel when I am out of alignment and now have techniques to bring myself back. She showed me so many things I can do at home!"

iRest® experience: "The session was deeply restful; the issues that I had been looking for a way to emotionally deal with came easily to the surface and worked themselves out. Hallie has a beautiful and soothing voice that led me to a deeply healing place. When I opened my eyes and looked around at the other participants, everyone was awake and glowing. Truly radiant with life, a complete turnaround from how we all looked when the session began. I felt at peace with the world. I walked right back into work, and the day truly flowed. Everything was filled with ease, from communication to decision making. I rest created a space for consonance in my interface with reality and I notice that even after one session the deep rest that I felt at the session comes back to me easily and I can retap into it anytime I wish." 

Ten Thousand Waves, Santa Fe, NM

Rebecca Goldstein, International Speaker

Rebecca_GoldsteinRebecca Newberger Goldstein, American novelist and professor of philosophy. Humanist of the Year; Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study; Guggenheim Fellow; Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; MacArthur Fellow; Graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College, receiving the Montague Prize for Excellence in Philosophy; while at Princeton University, she was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship; Whiting Foundation Fellowship. 

“I am not a person who usually goes in for either yoga or meditation.

All my previous experiences in these domains had left me cold and skeptical.  But I was visiting as a scholar at the Santa Fe Institute for three months, and someone I met praised Hallie Love to me so highly that I thought I’d suspend my disbelief and go see her, at least once. 

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Christine Lyles - Marketing and Business Development Expert

christine_image"iRest® deepened my understanding of mind-body healing and helped me to reveal a bottomless resource of empowerment and innovation. I continue to find more balance in all aspects of my life and find strength to create more positive and productive experiences. The sessions facilitated a sense of openness and acceptance, leaving me better equipped to face challenges with a broader sense of inspired possibilities and solutions." Santa Fe, NM

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