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Pilates for Yoga®

is the foundation for:

  • exceptional physical fitness from the inside-out;
  • everyday life balance;
  • overall well-being;
  • and relief from pain and stress.

Hallie trains people who are ready to be in great shape from the inside-out. Her Pilates for Yoga® system achieves results in a fraction of the time you would expect because it is:

  • More than Pilates: releasing torques that create pain, aligning all joints and the whole body, putting a laser focus on the right effort of core, and gaining overall strength and flexibility.
  • More than Yoga: using only safe postures that produce symmetry and freedom from pain. Plus, you will use and refine your core.
  • More than a Workout:  Pilates for Yoga®  is cross training for life, developing mind-body connectivity and core awareness for optimal functioning in everyday or athletic activities.

Endorsed by medical professionals, elite athletes, corporate executives, attorneys and celebrities, Pilates for Yoga® is a unique and contemporary approach to refined core awareness and strength based on the integration of modern exercise science and core movement, deep relaxation and nervous system release, the latest brain research, and the universal principles of alignment that free the body from rigidity or pain.

An experienced teacher and therapist, Hallie Love has taught thousands of people how to be in optimal condition.  

Within the first hour of Pilates for Yoga®  training, students restore the body to structurally correct alignment and more flexible muscles, then practice beginning core movement. With further training, students advance quickly, realizing movement from the inside-out, aligning and stabilizing joints, while toning muscles and strengthening bones.

Whether you are old, young, male, female, heavy, thin, stiff or flexible, your body will become stronger, your energy will increase, your mind will relax and nagging or chronic pain will disappear.

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