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Pilates for Yoga® on the mat, or in the studio on reformer machines reaches beyond plain Pilates by incorporating yoga.


Pilates for Yoga® facilitates relaxation and increased body awareness while fostering core stability and physical strength. Students develop core strength through the practice of Pilates exercises executed from the inside-out, without tension or strain, contemplative and focused with concentration on quality and accuracy. This refined method allows them, sometimes for the first time, to feel their bodies in a state of both ease and strength. 

Lifelong benefits of Pilates for Yoga® include: improved posture, coordination, balance,  flexibility, strength, precision, and fluidity of movement; prevention of injuries; alleviation of tension and chronic pain; stress relief; stabilization of the spine; rehabilitation of injuries;  improved digestion; improved circulation; and improved performance in athletic, exercise or everyday activities because Pilates for Yoga® develops strong abdominal and postural muscles to support the skeletal system and act as the "powerhouse" of the body.

In the Pilates for Yoga® Santa Fe studio, use of reformers by Balanced Body, the world’s largest producer of Pilates equipment adds variety and dimension to the exercises, and  support for the joints. The resistance aids in strengthening bones and muscles without putting stress on the joints. 


Testimonial - Pilates for Yoga

Mary Ann Lewis

I’m a woman well into the other half of her century. I spent many years hunched over a desk and computer as an engineer and educator while squeezing in running (later walking)/ hiking/skiing whenever possible.  My husband and I also did a great deal of construction work for about ten years together and found I was able to do less and less over the last 20 years with increasingly debilitating back pain. Read More...




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