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Pilates for Yoga® fitness is time efficient. In one-hour sessions you align and stabilize your joints, condition your core, connect with your fit and pain-free body, practice a sound foundation of healthy movement and melt away stress. The results are life-changing.

Pilates for Yoga® is the finest overall mind-body movement in and of itself, and the best foundation and preparation for any activity or sport. Pilates for Yoga® is an ideal complement to Yoga as it provides the correct foundation to safely develop advanced yoga postures. Pilates for Yoga® aids in performance in any sport.

It is Hallie's philosophy that Pilates for Yoga® training supplies the awareness, alignment and core strength necessary for all physical activity.

Whatever your individual needs, Hallie offers private instruction to support you. 

Testimonial - Pilates for Yoga

Mary Ann Lewis

I’m a woman well into the other half of her century. I spent many years hunched over a desk and computer as an engineer and educator while squeezing in running (later walking)/ hiking/skiing whenever possible.  My husband and I also did a great deal of construction work for about ten years together and found I was able to do less and less over the last 20 years with increasingly debilitating back pain. Read More...




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