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Pilates for Yoga® Rehabilitation incorporates the following approach: 

  • Deep nervous system relaxation and release;
  • Yoga; and
  • Functional core awareness. 

This integrative approach heals neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions, problems with any joint (vertebrae, neck, shoulders, TMJ, hips, sacro-iliac joints, knees, ankles, and feet), and is self-healing for the nervous systems.

By adressing the whole body and mind (even when the pain is location-specific) clients feel immediate pain relief. With practice most clients quickly experience lasting relief from chronic pain while correcting injuries and compensating patterns, building strength, and promoting overall well-being.

Testimonial - Pilates for Yoga

Mary Ann Lewis

I’m a woman well into the other half of her century. I spent many years hunched over a desk and computer as an engineer and educator while squeezing in running (later walking)/ hiking/skiing whenever possible.  My husband and I also did a great deal of construction work for about ten years together and found I was able to do less and less over the last 20 years with increasingly debilitating back pain. Read More...




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