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Average Customer Review 5.0 out of 5. 

  1. Not just for lawyers
    5/5 by Paul.
  2. This book is not just for lawyers...
    5/5 by Liz.

  3. Great reference book!
    5/5 by Arezou

  4. An excellent choice for development of mindfulness skills
    5/5 by George.

  5. I found myself using this book as a reference. ...
    5/5 by JR

  6. A book for every attorney
    5/5 by Karen

  7. Immensely Helpful
    5/5 by Omar

  8. Wonderful, well written book - a must for any desk bound professional!
    5/5 by Carolyn

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New York Journal of Books Review

New York Journal of Books
Reviewed by: 

Birgit W. Patty

“For lawyers (and others) who want to improve their state of mind, feel healthier, be more effective, and experience better work-life balance, Yoga for Lawyers is recommended.”

Lawyers deal with other people’s problems and conflicts. Their jobs, and their bodies, are sedentary. Overwork causes body and mind to become disconnected and out of balance. Authors Hallie N. Love and Nathalie Martin present effective yoga techniques to counterbalance these conditions. This book is different from other introductory books about yoga. It’s written for lawyers, by a couple of lawyers. Authors Love and Martin explain things in ways that analytical people appreciate, understand, and embrace.

Birgit W. Patty is proprietor of Apex Yogic Living in Apex, NC. She is a perpetual yoga student and a certified Integral Yoga teacher.

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