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Hallie Love is the founder of FitMindBodyBrain and PositivePsychologyforLawyers. 

Her approaches create new neural pathways, providing the ways to change unwanted habits for a pain-free and body and mind. 

Hallie Love knows bodies. Hallie is a certified (soon to be licensed) Positive Psychology instuctor with the Wholebeing Institute - founded by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher  E-RYT 500, a certified Pilates teacher, having been schooled by the Physical Mind Institute in New York City,  and an Integrative Restoration (iRest®) Meditation teacher. A former professional dancer, and for almost 20 years a mind-body teacher, Hallie has extensive experience conditioning herself and training her clients. Many years ago, as a result of years of ballet coupled with a neck injury and TMJ, Hallie reached a point where she was in chronic pain. She went to the very best specialists at the Houston Medical Center and found no lasting relief. Hallie realized she would have to get herself out of pain. For over a decade she studied with some of the world's finest teachers: in Positive Psychology with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar; in yoga (Iyengar and yoga therapy); Pilates on all apparatus; and Meditation (Shambhala Buddhism, and Integrative Restoration® Meditation with Dr. Richard Miller.)  In the process she formed an original synthesis that combines the best elements of  practical neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, mind-body techniques, yoga therapy, neuromuscular release and iRest meditation. The system she developed healed her, has kept her pain-free and has helped thousands.

Hallie offers her students a unique and contemporary approach to brain, mind-body and core training based on Positive Psychology, yoga therapy, modern exercise science,  the universal principles of alignment, and practical neuroscience.

Her clients include all types from lawyers to business executives to Information Technology experts, from healthcare professionals and psychologists to professional athletes (including a number of former world champions.)

Hallie teaches individuals and groups. She has a thriving private yoga therapy practice in Santa Fe,New Mexico, and she teaches well being courses and workshops. In 2018 she will teach the Wholebeing Institute's 8-hour workshop in Wholebeing Happiness. Other courses feature how to create healthy lifelong habits using mind-body techniques to increase positivity, decrease stress, boost immunity, relieve pain, improve sleep, and increase motivation and work productivity. She travels nationally and internationally to speak and train various groups in well-being. Her passion is to empower professionals and persons of all ages to live a pain-free, vitalized and happer life.

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