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Dr. Sue Kimm received her MD and Masters in Public Health from Yale Medical School. She has over 40 years experience in research and teaching including work at Duke University Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of new Mexico Medical Center. 

"Before Pilates for Yoga I didn't want to move because everything would creak, crack and hurt. Now I move from my core and it's easy to move my body. Because I move I have more energy now and I feel happier and peppier. Pilates for Yoga has made a big difference in my daily life."P1010125 

Dr. Seymour G., MD, MPH, SM, Dr.Ph, holds a degree in public health from Harvard Medical School, has over 40 years experience in research and teaching and currently works with the National Institutes of Health on various research projects.

"I'm getting stronger and more limber with Pilates for Yoga. It's so much easier to get out of my chair now that I use my core. I think of the core when I get out of bed, and I walk better because of the core awareness I've gained."

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